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Menus & Price Lists

Price Lists

It can be hard to do business with an out-of-date price list or menu.  Worst yet, it can lead to costly mistakes and unpleasant misunderstandings with customers.  Having new materials created by Graywolf Designs is a cost effective way to remedy the issue.  Your materials will be stored in electronic format making it quick and easy to have them updated in the future. 

Standard Menus

When dealing with out of date menus, cafes and restaurants often resort to using white out, scribbling in new prices or just not raising prices at all.  Perhaps there are even a few items that should be on your menu, but aren't, because its been too long since your menu was last printed.  Having Graywolf Designs create new menus, or update your current menus to reflect today's costs may more than pay for itself in the long run. 

Specialty Menus

Make sure customers know all of the choices you offer.  Let Graywolf Designs cater to the special printing needs of your business.  Click on either image for more details.

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