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Our Services ( What We Do, The Process, Our Rates )

What We Do:

Graywolf Designs can reproduce most any of your current materials or will work with you to design something new. Depending upon your needs, we can provide you with files ready to print; we can work directly with the printer of your choice; or we can have your printed materials delivered to your door. We specialize in:

Through our affiliation with other independent professionals, Graywolf Designs also provides the following services:

  • Basic Website Development and Hosting
  • Company Logo Design
  • Printing on T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, Pens and other materials

Pre-Press Services:

Our preferred software package is Macromedia Freehand MX running on our Macintosh System OS X.  We also have extensive experience with the following software:

If you already have art, Graywolf Designs can work with most common file formats and can accept your files by email or coming soon, through our ftp site.  If your work requires pictures, we can do that too.

Pre-Press and Printing Services:

We currently contract most of our printing work through one of several local affiliates.  Our affiliates offer us a wide range of stock and services at discounted prices.  This allows Graywolf Designs to offer you a package deal on the combined services that is often at a price less than other local printers.

The Process:

The process begins with a free consultation to discuss your needs.  After defining your requirements, Graywolf Designs will provide you with a guaranteed estimate* for your job.  We can use your existing printed documents, files, artwork, and photography as a start; or we can help you to create something new.  In most cases, the results of this step would be a proof file in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format delivered to you via email.  Additional proof copies can also be provided to simulate tinted stock.

Once you’ve approved the proof, the final printer-ready, four-color, high resolution files required for today’s digital presses will be created and delivered to the printer of your choice, or they can be used by our affiliates to create your finished product.  If you wish, we will also provide you with a copy of these files.  In some cases, you may even be able to use these files to print copies on the high end printer connected to your PC.  Your work will also remain on file with Graywolf Designs should you ever require updates or reprints.

Our Rates:

Prices are quoted based on the type of services required.  The first consultation is always free.  Graywolf Designs will provide a guaranteed estimate for your job, often during the initial consultation*.  We guarantee that the price you’re charged will be equal to or less than our estimate.

Pre-Press Services:

$30 per hour.

Pre-Press and Printing Services:

Prices will be quoted on a per job basis and will include pre-press, printing, and delivery.

If you have a question or would like more information, you can contact us at or use the handy form on our Contact page.

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* - Details on our estimate guarantee will be provided to clients upon request.
Website development requires direct consultation with Web Creations by Z